Sole Fine Art Print Maker For Obscura Festival Prints Exhibition

We are glad that we have been selected as the print maker for Obscura Festival prints exhibition for year 2019. Obscura Festival have been organizing the prints exhibition for 7 years now in Penang. The event have been successfully launched on 16th August 2019 which all the prints mounted on the wall located at Hin Bus Depot, Penang.

Throughout the entire process along with the exhibition, we have met numerous new faces who are so excited and shocked to see such nice quality of print where make their “mind blowing”. Many have provide good feedback, the director of Obscura Festival decided to invite us to perform a live prints party in the exhibition hall for a very good evening after the launch.

There are a lot of laughter, bucket full of information being shared with the participants who have joined the live print party. On the other hand, they do observe the process of a giclée prints where they achieve “what you see is what you print” on their own images.  All participants had their chance to view their images on the color reference monitor where have been well calibrated before the prints party started.

Obscura Festival Print Exhibition roll up on 1st September 2019 and waved goodbye with the team who travelling all the way from Kuala Lumpur. Looking forward for more fruitful event on 2020 with the team.

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