CHROMA ART STUDIO handles the very best in digital printing using the finest digital printers, wide colour gamut monitor, various kinds of finest printing material, established in 2017 in Penang, Malaysia. We are also certified as ILFORD Printing Partner Globally where has been through a stringent evaluation process to ensure that we meet the exacting standards that the Technical Team at ILFORD stipulate. We are evaluated on customer service, quality control, colour management and the ability to achieve the optimum print results on ILFORD inkjet photo products.

Our art reproduction services consist of high resolutions scanning, editing as well as colour proofing. To achieve the best of reproduction output, we uses high-end equipment to ensure key item below :

  • Color Accuracy and consistency for each print out
  • All details are captured and reproduced faithfully
  • Consistent digital workflow, with proper sharpening and soft proofing

Upload Instruction

  • You may upload your file(s) to any cloud storage and send the link to chromaart-my@gmail.com
  •  For best quality, please send us your image file(s) in the following (minimum) format(s):
    • JPEG Fine, for prints not larger than 24″ on the longer edge
    • TIFF-16, for prints larger than 24″ on longer edge